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128 oz. Carpet Machine Concentrate

128 oz. Carpet Machine Concentrate

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Carpet steam cleaner detergent that removes spots and safely cleans and restores dirty carpets . Ideal for use in all liquid carpet cleaners and extractors . No rinsing or vacuuming after use is necessary . Non-toxic formula is concentrated and does not contain solvents or VOC's . Cleans without leaving chemical odors . Biodegradable and classified under The High Quality ECO OPTIONS as an eco friendly product . Instructions/directions in English and Spanish . Safely cleans and restores dirty carpets and rugs . Classified under High Quality ECO OPTIONS . Great for laundry uses . Mix as directed for spot random cleaning . Works great in automotive applications as well . Works well on walls and upholstery . Non-aerosol spray, no fluorocarbons, non-flammable, non-toxic and environmentally safe . Low foaming formulation. No additives needed

TrafficMASTER 128 oz. Carpet machine concentrate is ideal for safely cleaning and restoring dirty carpets and rugs. The non-toxic formula is biodegradable and meets the EPA's designed for the environment (DFE) certification.

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