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16 oz. Snake Plus Kit

16 oz. Snake Plus Kit

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  • $ 598

Thick formula clings directly to the clog and helps dissolve it away quickly . Single-use bottle helps ensure you use the correct amount . Easy-to-use tool penetrates hard-to-reach clogs . Barbed design helps loosen clog . Disposable . Safe on metal and plastic pipes (not included) . Kit includes gel and an 18 in. flexible tool

Drano Snake Plus combines an 18 in. flexible tool with our most powerful gel to clear clogs for the first time—guaranteed. Our two-step solution for your toughest clogs: First the snake loosens the clog; then the powerful gel clears it away. Simply feed the 18 in. tool down the drain, remove and discard. Then pour the entire bottle of gel down the drain to clear the clog away.

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