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6000 lb. 3-Ton Floor UniJack

6000 lb. 3-Ton Floor UniJack

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  • $ 5900

Patented design combines jack stand and bottle jack in one unit . Use for lifting vehicles, leveling joists and beams . Safety bar locks ratcheting mast at the desired height . Wide steel base for stability under load . Lift capacity: 6,000 lbs. . Height range: 11 in. to 21 in.

The Husky 3-Ton UniJack safely lifts and holds Unibody and body-on-frame vehicles. The patented design combines a jackstand and bottle jack into 1 integrated unit, eliminating the hassle and expense of using jack stands for support. A ratcheting safety latch locks the jackstand mast at the desired height, from a low of 11 in. up to 21 in. (using the built-in mast extension). A wide steel base adds stability and reduces sinking on softer surfaces. The Unijack safely lifts and holds cars, trucks, SUVs and more, and is much lighter and more compact than a full size floor jack.

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