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1-Ton Multi-Function 2-in-1 12-Volt Jack/Inflator

1-Ton Multi-Function 2-in-1 12-Volt Jack/Inflator

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  • $ 9900

Perfect roadside emergency solution . 2-in-1 jack and tire inflator . Works directly with vehicles 12-Volt outlet . 1-ton lift capacity is more than enough to lift 1 side of most automobiles . Lift range 5.315 in. - 14.17 in. . Inflator max pressure 115 psi . Includes inflator accessories for inflating tires and other recreational items

Nothing spoils a road trip or commute faster than a flat tire. When roadside service can’t get there soon enough, reach for the Husky 12-Volt 2-in-1 Electric Jack and Tire inflator. It’s the perfect road trip companion for added peace of mind. Leave the wimpy greasy bottle jack in the trunk. Instead, grab the sleek powerful 2-in-1 jack and position it under your vehicle lift point. Plug it into a 12-Volt outlet and press the button. Like magic, the lifting post extends and raises your vehicle up to 14 in. high. With 1-Ton lift capacity, it has more than enough power to lift 1 side of almost any passenger vehicle. And if your spare tire is a low on air, just use the built-in 115 psi inflator to air it up to proper pressure. The Husky 12-Volt 2-in-1 Jack is clean, simple, safe and effective.

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