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Pastel Hanging Basket Begonia Bulbs Mixed (5-Pack)

Pastel Hanging Basket Begonia Bulbs Mixed (5-Pack)

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Floriferous and very easy to maintain, to encourage large blossoms, pinch off side buds and remove wilted leaves and flowers to encourage continuous flowering . Protect from strong winds . Prefer light sun to dappled shade . Grows 12 in. tall . Plant 6 in. apart . Perennial in zone 10, store indoors in colder areas . Growing instructions: begonias are best when they are started indoors in pots, about 6 weeks before the last frost is expected in your area, plant the tubers round side down about 1 in. below the surface of potting soil, water well when planting, then keep the soil moist but not wet, place the pot in a warm, semi-shady area, when all danger of frost has passed, it’s time to place the begonias outdoors, keep the soil in the basket moist and fertilize your begonias about once a month, begonias are hardy in zone 10, in all other areas they should be stored for the winter.

With proliferous flowers that seem to tumble unendingly over the sides their containers, Begonias have become very popular for use in hanging baskets. Bloomsz Pastel Hanging Basket Begonia Bulbs will delight you with abundant flowers in pastel shades of orange, pink, white, and yellow. The single and double blooms up to 6 in. across have ruffled petals and grow amid lush bright green foliage. Enjoy cascades of flowers from early summer through the first frost.

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