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Care Free and Rewarding Dutch Iris Bulbs Collection (50-Pack)

Care Free and Rewarding Dutch Iris Bulbs Collection (50-Pack)

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Planted in pots, barrels, tubs and urns, the flowers will provide a delicate fragrance on patios, decks, sunny urban balconies . Long lasting when cut, Dutch Irises are perfect additions to summer arrangements . Remove the lower leaves from the long, straight stems before placing into vases . Multiply rapidly each year . Hardy and easy to grow . Prefer full sun . Grows 24 in. tall . Plant 3 in. to 6 in. apart . Perennial in zones 6-8, dig and store indoors in colder areas . Growing instructions: Dutch Iris (Iris hollandica): select a site in full sun that drains well, loosen the soil and plant the bulbs 4 in. deep and 3 in. to 6 in. apart, placing 5 to 7 bulbs in the same area, water once after planting, in colder regions where the ground freezes, cover the area with a layer of mulch, after the flowers bloom, permit the foliage to ripen and turn yellow before removing, in 3 to 5 years, when flowering begins to diminish, lift the clumps of bulbs during dormancy, remove and replant the “bulblets” that form along mature bulbs

Carefree and rewarding, our Dutch Iris Bulb Collection will provide a unique and sweetly scented mass of color in the late spring garden. One of the best-known spring flowers, they will create classic combinations in clear, beautiful shades of yellow, white, purple and even bicolors when planted in borders and beds. With minimal care, these excellent naturalizers will reward the gardener with years of beauty.

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