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1 gal. Jomax Roof Cleaner (Case of 4)

1 gal. Jomax Roof Cleaner (Case of 4)

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Great for asphalt, wood, metal, composition roofs and more . 1-gal. makes 20-gal. - enough for a 2,000 sq. ft. roof . If mold and mildew on the side of your home is a problem, use JOMAX house cleaner and mildew killer, it cleans and kills exterior mold and mildew without scrubbing or power washing . Unlike using bleach alone, when used as directed Jomax will not damage exterior surfaces or harm trees, plants or shrubs with overspray . Apply with a garden sprayer . Thoroughly rinse the treated surfaces and surrounding areas with large amounts of water . Moss and heavy mildew stains may require a second application

Zinsser 1-gal. Jomax Roof Cleaner (4-Pack) is an effective, easy and economical solution for cleaning and removing mold and mildew on roofs. The easy-to-use concentrate cleans roofs fast and removes ugly black streaks, dirt and mildew stains from roofs, shingles, the underside of eaves and cornices. Kills mold and mildew on tile, slate and other non-porous roofs.

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