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3 lbs. Concrete Putty Patch (Case of 6)

3 lbs. Concrete Putty Patch (Case of 6)

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Suitable for application on concrete block, sidewalks, patios, steps and other concrete/masonry surfaces . Repairs concrete cracks and holes up to 7 in. deep with one application . Stronger than concrete . General purpose cement-based patching material works in a variety of situations . Can be used in vertical, horizontal and overhead applications . Fast setting, final set complete within 25 minutes . Clean up with soap and water

Rust-Oleum RockSolid 3 lbs. Concrete Putty Patch (Case of 6) is a proprietary blend of Portland cements, aggregates and additives. Achieves initial set in 10-15 minutes and final set in 20-25 minutes. Molded like putty and shave after initial set to achieve a uniform repair. Extremely durable. Stronger than concrete.

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