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Tropical Gladiolus Bulbs Mixture (50-Pack)

Tropical Gladiolus Bulbs Mixture (50-Pack)

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Plant in round or oval-shapes in beds and borders . Plant in rows in cutting gardens . Naturally rabbit, deer and squirrel resistant . Prefer full sun . Grows 36 in. to 60 in. tall . Plant 6 in. apart . Perennial in zones 8-10, dig bulbs and store indoors in colder areas . Growing instructions: select an area in the garden, a bed, or border that receives full sun and where the soil is sandy, well-drained and rich in organic matter, gladiolus planted in straight rows tend to look like soldiers, which is perfect for a cutting garden, however, for a more natural look they should be planted in holes that are round or oval shaped, dig a hole 8 in. deep and add bulb-boosting fertilizer following the directions on the package, compost may be added to enrich the soil if needed, cover the fertilizer/compost with 2 in. of soil and place the bulbs with the pointy end facing up 6 in. apart, gladiolus look best when 10 to 12 bulbs are planted in the same area, cover the bulbs with the remaining soil and water well, cover the area with 2 in. of mulch to keep the bulbs cool, gladiolus bloom 70 to 100 days after planting, to enjoy flowering throughout the season, plant bulbs 2 weeks apart

Imagine having the lively, vivid colors of a tropical garden no matter where you live. The Bloomsz Tropical Gladiolus Bulb Mixture provides stunningly brilliant reds, yellows and purples that all lovers of Gladiolus want. Tall and stately, these colorful hues add drama to the back of borders and beds. Tuck a single flower into a bouquet, use single or multiple flowers for a corsage, or group full stems to create vibrant cut-flower arrangements.

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