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20 oz. Auto Dish Detergent (Case of 6)

20 oz. Auto Dish Detergent (Case of 6)

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  • $ 3474

Dramatic, grease-cutting cleaning power; works to provide a sparkling clean to glassware, dishes and silverware, while also helping to maintain your dishwasher . Easy-to-use with 28 pre-measured PODs . Sippy cup safe, chlorine free, and made with biodegradable surfactants cuts grease and baked on food from dishwasher safe pots, pans and bake-ware . Is environmentally safe surfactants; septic system friendly

Dishwasher Detergent with enzymatic agitation breaks down even the most stubborn food residue and rinses it away. Lifts away stuck on food tough stains spots and film with no pre-rinse required. Dirty dishes, glasses, pots and pans come out clean, even in hard water.

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