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1 gal. Safe Etch (6-Pack)

1 gal. Safe Etch (6-Pack)

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Prepares unsealed concrete floor surfaces, creates a profile prior to coating . Covers up to 250 sq. ft. per gal. . Use on bare concrete: garage floors, basements, driveways, carports, patios, walkway and pool decks to create a concrete profile prior to coating . Will work on stamped or textured concrete . Do not apply to previously sealed, painted or stained concrete . Formula free of odors, dangerous chemicals and does not need neutralizing after application . Neutralizes pH of new concrete . Rinse 3 times with water after application using a stiff bristle brush . Eco-safe formula . See label for complete instructions

Rust-Oleum RockSolid 1 gal. Safe Etch (6-Pack) open the pores of concrete surfaces to allow coatings to penetrate and achieve a proper bond. A true alternative to muriatic acid, it creates the same profile but without the dangerous chemicals, harsh odors and need to neutralize after etching. Simply flush with clean water, allow concrete to dry and apply coatings.

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