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Wonder Pump 6 ft. Siphon Hose

Wonder Pump 6 ft. Siphon Hose

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  • $ 898

Made in USA . No electricity, batteries or sucking needed . Safe, anti-static copper pump and hose . Not recommended to siphon out of automobile gas tanks

Safely, simply, and quickly transfer liquids, up to 3-1/2 GPM (gallons per minute), to and or from ponds, aquariums, above ground pools, fountains, lawn mowers, motorcycles, etc. All you have to do is shake the pump to activate pump. The following liquids can travel through the Wonder Pump: water, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, fertilizer, insecticides, thinners, paint solvents and lubricants up to the thickness of 20 grade oil.

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