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Light Grey Vent Lid

Light Grey Vent Lid

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  • $ 3800

Lids are made of an ABS plastic making it UV protected, resistant to fading and creates a long life span . Our lids have a decorative image of an oak tree and fits nicely to into any landscaping, cement patios and walkways around buildings . Durable lid can support over 700 lbs. and has a free air supply rating of 86 sq. in. which is 125% of a typical foundation vent . Lids fit the main Dec-O-Vent frame whose design allows stacking multiple units as well as a positioning drain plate

The Light Grey replacement lid for the Dec-O-Vent unit is used to keep debris and critters from entering through your foundation vents. The unique oak tree design also adds to your home's ascetic appeal while delivering 125% more ventilation than other typical solutions. Additionally, our multiple color options allow you to easily accommodate change in you outdoor design by simply changing lids.

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