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Spice Granite 58 Gal. Salsa Rainwater Harvesting System

Spice Granite 58 Gal. Salsa Rainwater Harvesting System

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  • $ 13800

Rotational molded, holds 58 Gal. . Highly decorative, nestable barrel . Includes diverter kit and spigot . Threaded spigot connects to garden hoses

Every gardener knows that the key to a successful growing season is water, water, and more water. But with droughts and shortages hitting parts of the U.S. and Canada, keeping flowers flourishing and the veggie patch productive can be a costly proposition. The Fiskars Rainwater Harvesting System can help you salvage this valuable resource, so you can use it to provide much needed moisture for your yard, garden, and even indoor plants. Designed to easily integrate into your homes existing downspouts, the Harvesting System diverts rainwater from gutters into a covered barrel, where the extra water is stored until you need it to perk up your tomatoes or refresh your rose bushes. Add a Rainwater Harvesting System to your home and keep your plants healthy and hydrated through any water restrictions or drought. Even more important, feel good knowing that you're conserving a critical natural resource that you and your garden so greatly depend on.

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