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Economy Amaryllis Collection (3)

Economy Amaryllis Collection (3)

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Easy to plant and grow . Long-lasting, colorful flowers . Flower stems can be cut and placed in water when buds begin to change color . For longest-lasting blooms, keep plant away from heat and direct sunlight . Hardy in zones 9-10 if planted outdoors; anywhere when planted indoors, height: 18 in. to 20 in., guaranteed to grow . Growing instructions: select a pot that is approximately 1/2 in. in diameter larger than the bulb, fill the pot approximately half full with a good quality, sterilized potting soil that drains well, place the bulb into the pot and continue adding soil, leaving the top 1/3 of the bulb exposed, be sure there is at least 1/2 in. of space between the soil and the top rim of the pot for watering, water thoroughly with lukewarm water immediately after potting, keep the soil moist but not wet, and avoid getting water directly onto the bulb stem, place the pot in a warm room that is well-lit; a south-facing window is best, do not overwater once the shoots begin to appear, when flowers begin to bloom, move the pot to a slightly cooler spot where it receives indirect lighting, after the flowers fade, cut the stem off leaving approximately 3 in. above the top of the bulb, do not remove or cut off the leaves, treat the plant as you would any indoor plant, watering it lightly and regularly to keep the soil moist . Planting tip: if you wish to re-bloom the amaryllis in the fall, stop watering in August and place the bulb, still in the pot, in a cool, dry place for 10 to 12 weeks, in mid-November, remove the bulb from the old pot; remove dead foliage and old roots, but leave clean, healthy roots intact, repot in fresh soil as indicated above in a pot only slightly larger than the bulb, if properly cared for, the bulb should bloom in 8 to 10 weeks

Here's a money-saving opportunity for you to enjoy all 3 Economy Amaryllis. When you order our Collection, you'll receive 1 bulb each of 'Red Lion', 'Minerva', and 'Apple Blossom'. Perfect to plant in colorful containers, start the growing process, and give as gifts. Who wouldn't appreciate 'Red Lion's' brilliant fire-engine red color, the spectacular beauty and fragrance of 'Apple Blossom', or the striking red flowers overlaid with white stars and veining of 'Minerva', each planted and ready to bloom, or you can keep them to enjoy throughout your holiday season. Either way, or in any way you choose, you'll be certain to brighten the holiday season.

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