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Paper-Whites Ziva Bulbs (7-Pack)

Paper-Whites Ziva Bulbs (7-Pack)

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Easy to plant and grow . Bloom 30 to 45 days after planting indoors . Long-lasting . Fragrant . Hardy in zones 9-10 if planted outdoors, anywhere when planted indoors, height: 18 in. to 20 in. guaranteed to grow . Growing instructions: paper-whites can be grown without soil, just place some gravel, stones, or decorative glass in a container of your choice that does not have drainage holes, cluster the bulbs together, nestling them in with their pointy ends up, place additional planting medium around them to anchor them in place, add water just to reach the lower portion of the bulbs and maintain it at that level throughout the time the bulbs are growing and blooming, place the container in a cool (50°F to 60°F) place away from direct sunlight, once per week, gently tug at the bulbs to check for root growth, when shoots appear, place the container in direct sunlight, soon after planting, green leaves will burst forth, and clusters of pure white, star-shaped flowers will bloom on each stem, turn the container frequently to maintain straight leaves and stems . Planting tip: the clusters of flowers at the top of each stem sometimes tend to lean over as they grow, you may wish to stake the plants when they reach a height of 10 in. to 12 in. to prevent them from toppling over as they grow to their full height

Perhaps the easiest to grow of all indoor bulbs, Paper-whites 'Ziva' continue to be perennial holiday favorites. Bloomsz now brings you a very affordable way to enjoy these all-time favorites with a 7-bulb pack of Bloomsz Economy Paper-whites 'Ziva'. Dramatic and beautiful when planted and displayed in decorative, themed, or clear glass containers.

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