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Gear Puller Set (3-Piece)

Gear Puller Set (3-Piece)

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  • $ 2999

3-jaw design evenly distributes pulling forces to slide gears, pulleys, and flywheels off shaft without damage . Universal 4 or 8-position reversible jaws offer inside or outside grip and short, standard, long or extra-long reach . High-strength forged and hardened steel jaw arms . Cold rolled, acme-threaded steel drive screw for smooth operation even under high stress

Smoothly and safely slide gears, pulleys, flywheels and other press-fit parts off shaft with the versatile TEKTON 5696 3-Piece 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set. 3 pullers fit a wide range of sizes and feature a universal design that can grip 8 different ways: around outside edge or through inside openings while set in short, standard, long or extra-long reach positions. 3 jaws evenly distribute powerful pulling forces, protecting edges of gear from bending or chipping damage. Turn drives screw with any style hand wrench or ratchet and the precise, cold-rolled acme threads glide along smoothly without binding or chattering, even under high stress.

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