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Triggers Dual Remote Foot Switch System

Triggers Dual Remote Foot Switch System

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  • $ 2,15800

2 triggers control a puller’s power source to help prevent wire feeding mishaps (puller not included) . Both foot pedals must be engaged for the puller's motor to operate to save time by avoiding unnecessary stops and restarts (motor not included) . Dead-man's switch function shuts off a motor when either pedal is released . Colored lights on each foot switch indicate the pulling machine’s status (machine not included) . Instantaneous wireless communication between the units works through up to 1,500 ft. of walls and obstructions and over up to 1-1/2 miles with a clear line of sight . Digital meter indicates force used during a pull . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Maxis Triggers Dual Remote Foot Switch System functions as a dead-man's switch to provide both a person operating a puller and a person feeding wire control over the puller's motor (puller and wire not included).

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