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2.5 Qt. Climax Blueberry Shrub

2.5 Qt. Climax Blueberry Shrub

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Plant in well drained acidic soil . Full sun to part shade . Produces edible berries . Water often until established . Easy to grow/maintain . Cross pollinator required for quality fruit

Blueberry shrubs are becoming one of the most popular choices for east-to-grow edible fruit for the home gardener. The Climax blueberry bush will reach a mature size of 5 ft. x 3 ft. In spring small white and pink bell-shaped blooms will appear, then fruit will develop in late spring to mid-summer. Blueberry bushes thrive when planted in acidic soil that is rich with organic material and in part shade to full sun environment. When planting blueberry bushes you will want to plant more than one variety to ensure cross pollination which will result in quality fruit. We recommend tifblue, becky blue, premier, or woodard as your cross pollinators.

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