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500 ft. 10/3 THW CU Pump Cable

500 ft. 10/3 THW CU Pump Cable

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  • $ 58100

For use in residential, farm and industrial water well applications . 600-Volt cable features stranded copper conductors with moisture-resistant plastic insulation . Conductors are assembled parallel and yellow with black, red and green extruded color stripes . Conductor polarity is accomplished by extruded color green, red and black . Includes a footage marking on the flat jacketed and parallel cables . 500 ft. L . Electrical submersible pumping (ESP) water systems meets NEC code

This 500 ft. 10/3 THW CU Pump Cable features footage markings on the jacketed and parallel cables for your convenience, and this cable is ideal for farm, industrial or residential water well applications. Includes 3 regular conductors and a ground conductor. UL listed.

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