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6-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

6-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

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Reliable 2 HP, copper-wound motor uses household current, no problems with cold starts or gas shortages; quieter, less expensive plug it in and go . Safety first, operation requires 2 hands to keep hands clear of the ram while fume free electric power allows for usage both indoors and outdoors . Built-in log cradle/guide keeps logs on track for even splitting . Maximum log capacity: up to 10 in. in diameter and 20.5 in. in length . Portable with 2 comfort grip handles and 6 in. tires . CSA approved with a 2-year WEN warranty . High Quality Protection Plan:

The WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter quickly turns that pile of wood into something useful firewood for your fireplace. Safer and more productive than swinging an Ax. Our heavy-gauge welded-steel construction handles all of your log-splitting demands. A powerful 2 HP 15 Amp motor applies up to 12,000 lbs. of force, effortlessly splitting any log under 20.5 in. in length and 10 in. in diameter. A 4 in. by 4 in. push plate connected to the 15-1/2 in. ram pushes logs into the 4.5 in. wedge, splitting the wood quickly and efficiently. For safety purposes, WEN designed this operation to require both hands. Removal of a hand returns the ram to its starting position, decreasing the chance of bodily injury. The electric power allows for lower maintenance costs and for indoor usage without worries of exhaust fumes. No gas to run out. No batteries to change. Just plug it in and go. The splitter includes convenient comfort-grip handles and 6 in. tires to easily transport to your work area when necessary. Use up to a 50 ft. twelve-gauge extension cord. Includes AW32 hydraulic oil to fill the 2.8 qt. reservoir. Use Dextron auto transmission fluid for operations below 40°F.

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