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8 oz. Aerosol Drywall Patch and Repair Spray Spackling

8 oz. Aerosol Drywall Patch and Repair Spray Spackling

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Patch and repair drywall holes, cracks and gouges . Innovative dispensing system . Ergonomic, wide flat push button . Easy to build, easy to feather, easy to hold . Easier feathering versus traditional spackle . Requires only a knife to feather . Use on mesh tapes, aluminum and steel wall patches . Will not dry out in the can . Sandable and paintable . Coverage two 4 in. x 4 in. wall patches . 8 oz. aerosol

Homax makes it easy to patch and repair holes with less mess. The New Homax Spray Spackling has an Innovative Dispensing System that allows for even spray and easy build of spackling material. The easy-to-hold can has an ergonomic actuator with a wide and flat push button that is easy to operate. Homax Spray Spackling also features an improved formulation. The unique compound blend provides a smooth, less visible patch compared to heavy vinyl spackling compounds. It’s easier to feather (requires only a knife) versus traditional spackle. Repair drywall holes, cracks and gouges. Homax Spray Spackling is sandable, paintable and won’t dry out in the can, so it’s always ready for your next project. One 8 oz. can covers two 4 in. x 4 in. patches.

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