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500 ft. 12-3 Pump Cable With Gauge

500 ft. 12-3 Pump Cable With Gauge

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Pump cable is available in 3 or 4 conductors appropriate for the applications . The number of conductors in a submersible pump cable is determined by the type of pump and whether a ground conductor is required . Submersible pump cable is made with copper conductors . The most common versions are made with copper conductors Nos.12 and 10 for pumps rated up to 5 horsepower at 240-Volt . Note: Product may vary by store

Southwire submersible pump cable is a unjacketed twisted assembly of standard conductors that are rated for wet location use. Jacketed submersible pump cable is a parallel assembly of conductors rated for wet locations, covered by an extruded PVC jacket. Although jacketed assembly is similar to Type UF and other cables, is does not have to meet the performance requirements of these cable types.

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