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32 oz. Heavy Duty Fabric Cleaner

32 oz. Heavy Duty Fabric Cleaner

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Formulated to loosen dirt, stains, bird droppings and more . Safe for all outdoor fabrics including polyester, canvas, and all acrylic fabrics . PTEF polymers help repel future stains and UV rays that can cause fading . For best results follow up with outdoor collection fabric protectant with PTEF

Star Brite Outdoor Collection Heavy Duty Fabric Cleaner is formulated to safely clean and maintain the appearance of both indoor and outdoor furniture fabrics. For spot cleaning, spray directly onto stain and allow 30 seconds. Use a cloth, sponge or soft brush to gently rub area. Rinse thoroughly with water or wipe clean. To clean large areas spray evenly over entire section to be cleaned and allow to penetrate for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Using a cloth, sponge or soft brush, gently rub area to lift dirt before rinsing entire area thoroughly or wiping clean.

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