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4 in. Spring-Loaded Pop-Up with 15 ft. Adjustable Nozzle

4 in. Spring-Loaded Pop-Up with 15 ft. Adjustable Nozzle

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  • $ 367

For medium size yards - spaced 10 ft. to 15 ft. apart . Easy to adjust nozzles (25° to 360°) . Superior molded, pressure-activated wiper seal prevents leaks and seals the internals from debris . Ratchet feature allows easy spray direction adjustment . For outdoor use and cold water only

Ideal for use in residential and commercial landscapes, the 4 in. Pop-up handles the most intricately designed, high maintenance areas with ease. The 4 in. Pop-up is easy to adjust even when the water is on. The pattern adjusting nozzle, allows easy water control and spray direction. It also features an anti-drain check valve for keeping the water from draining onto sidewalks, creating slippery hazards or wasting water. The 4 in. Pop-up offers a molded, pressure activated wiper seal that stops excessive flow-by and cleans the stem upon completion of watering. The factory installed dual-port flush plug provides for easy clean out and easy access to nozzle installation. The 4 in. Pop-up body attaches to a 1/2 in. pipe thread riser for easy installation.

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