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8 ft. 570 MPR+ 180-Degree Nozzle

8 ft. 570 MPR+ 180-Degree Nozzle

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  • $ 227

Compatible with Toro 570 sprinkler bodies and shrub adapters (sold separately) . Coverage area of up to 100.48 sq. ft. . Pressure-compensating device helps eliminate misting and fogging and conserves water . Matched precipitation rate helps ensure even watering . Matched precipitation rate (MPR) ensures even water distribution any pattern, any radius . Customized screens for each nozzle are included to reduce clogging . Installs easily onto any Toro 570, 570Z or shrub body

Toro's Matched Precipitation Rate (MPR) Nozzles are color coded for easy identification. Matched precipitation rates ensure all nozzles (every radius and pattern) apply water at the same rate (inches per hour). Uniform part-circle watering patterns eliminate over and under throw. Toro Nozzles fit any Toro 570 Series pop-up body or shrub adapter.

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