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570Z Pro Series 2 in. Pop-Up Sprinkler Body

570Z Pro Series 2 in. Pop-Up Sprinkler Body

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Compatible with Toro 570 fixed-spray or specialty-pattern nozzles (sold separately) . Coverage area of up to 15 sq. ft. . Zero-flush seal helps prevent water loss while keeping dirt and debris from entering the sprinkler . Flush plugs are included to keep dirt and debris out during maintenance or installation . Ratcheting riser enables the direction of the spray pattern to be adjusted and maintains placement during pop-up and retraction . Radius reduction screw reduces spray radius up to 25% so you can customize each sprinkler according to landscape needs . Install Toro matched precipitation rate (MPR) nozzles to ensures even water distribution, any pattern and any radius to prevent over or under watered areas . Superior seal resists corrosion to prevent water waste . Patented zero-flush seal saves water by preventing water loss when the system starts up . 570Z Pro series body only sprinklers are available in 2 in. (model 53819), 3 in. (model 53820), 4 in. (model 53821), 6 in. (model 53822) and 12 in. (model 53710) pop-up lengths to accommodate short and tall landscape grasses, shrubs and ground cover . Note: product may vary by store

The Toro 570Z Pro Series Pop-Up Sprinkler Body is compatible with Toro 570 fixed-spray and specialty-patterned nozzles (sold separately). The sprinkler can cover an area of up to 15 sq. ft. This makes it ideal for small lawn and shrub areas.

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