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Blue Stripe Drip 1/2 in. Emitter and Stake Kit

Blue Stripe Drip 1/2 in. Emitter and Stake Kit

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  • $ 1599

Use to connect Blue Stripe Drip 1/2 in. tubing to an outdoor faucet . Kit includes: 10 blue 0.5 GPH emitters, 10 black 1 GPH emitters, 10 red 2 GPH emitters, 10 tie-down stakes, 1 hole punch, 24 hose plugs, 1 end clamp and 1 hose adapter . Debris caps help to protect against clogging . Self-flushing NGE emitters are pressure compensating for uniform flow, even on sloping landscapes . 1 hole punch

The Toro Blue Stripe Drip 1/2 in (1.3 cm) Emitter Kit contains an assortment of drip emitters and accessories for your convenience. This eliminates the need to purchase various emitters, providing a convenient drip irrigation option for your landscape. Additionally, the included self-flushing NGE emitters are pressure-compensating for a uniform flow.

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