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Handy 8 in. Manual Carpet Sweeper

Handy 8 in. Manual Carpet Sweeper

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  • $ 2997

8 in. cleaning path . 1 height setting . Underside waste emptying . Durable high impact body . Lies flat for cleaning under furniture . Long-life synthetic bristles . Large capacity dustpan . Long coated steel handle . Lightweight, compact and easy to store . Silent, no power required . Fast and smooth pick up . Easy to use and empty

With its 8 in. wide sweeping path and lightweight, high impact body, the Handy manual sweeper glides effortlessly across your floor. The Handy sweeper lies flat for convenient cleaning under furniture. The long-life bristles and large capacity dustpan make for smooth and efficient cleaning while the long coated steel handle allows for cleaning in awkward corners.

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