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Capspray 115 Fine-Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer

Capspray 115 Fine-Finish HVLP Paint Sprayer

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Sprays with a flow rate of 0.2 gal. per minute . Separate cooling air and atomizing air filtration to extend service interval . Supports tip sizes up to 0.105 in. . Includes a 4-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship . 3 spray patterns - round, horizontal and vertical - maximize spray control on a variety of surfaces . Includes a 6-stage turbine built exclusively for Titan capspray, providing 11.5 PSI of atomizing air power . Includes 30 ft. of flexible air hose and 5 ft. of highly flexible whip hose to give you range to move around objects being sprayed . Includes dirty filter warning light and quick-change filter caps for easy removal and replacement of filters . 2-stage trigger pull for greater control and atomization . Dual air filtration uses an automotive quality air filter with a pre-filter on the atomizing air side . Includes cup holder for standard 1-qt. cup gun to give user convenient location to store gun between jobs or while taking a break . Includes onboard tool box for spare parts to help keep your supplies close at hand . Sprayer is compatible with Titan HVLP Transfer Pump accessory item that allows for remote feed of paint to the spray gun for continuous painting directly out of a 1-gallon paint can or other container . High and low speed settings for 4-stage performance or 6-stage performance . Click here to learn more about paint sprayers

This revolutionary, 6-stage portable turbine spraying system combines quiet operation and high air cap pressure for the finest atomization possible. The Titan CapSpray 115 will apply nearly all fine finish coatings with little to no reduction. Designed for long-term, heavy duty use both in the field and in the shop. Recommended for fine finishing projects and contractors with serious finishing projects.

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