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8 fl. oz. Stone Spray-n-Seal Penetrating Sealer

8 fl. oz. Stone Spray-n-Seal Penetrating Sealer

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Provides excellent stain protection and grout release . Simple to apply and user friendly . Helps prevent adhesion and penetration of fluids and dirt . Prevents the growth of bacteria and mildew on interior and exterior stone . Safe for contact of membranes . Slip resistant

Stone Spray-N-Sealis a water-based penetrating sealer that protects natural stone surfaces from staining. It is wonderful for stone countertops, floors, walls, vanities and even grout. This below surface sealer is also ideal for sealing all types of masonry, stucco, concrete and sanded grout. It has a special blend of polymers that bond to the stone and creates a water and oil repellent membrane to prevent staining, yet it allows the stone to breathe and release moisture vapors. It is safe for interior and exterior use and is slip resistant. This stone sealer will not alter the color of any stone, tile or grout.

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