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Bluetooth Tracking Wallet Tag Device

Bluetooth Tracking Wallet Tag Device

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  • $ 5000

Slim wallet tag . Small sized for a seamless fit in wallets . Bluetooth signal up to 100 ft. . Selfie remote feature

Royce continues to pioneer its luxury technology collection with the creation of a slim wallet tag that conveniently accompanies you wherever you go, whether it is subtly tucked inside your wallet or stored inside your handbag or briefcase. When you place the Wallet Tag within your important accessory, you can be confident knowing that if your stuff gets lost or stolen, it has a companion that knows what to do. The Wallet Tag creates a Bluetooth signal up to 100 ft. and sends you an application update and notification that you left your wallet or bag behind when that Bluetooth connection is lost. Wallet Tag doesn’t have GPS real-time location information, the app does automatically record the last place your phone was connected to it so that if you have to retrace your steps, it’s good to know where to look. Powered by Bluetooth technology, this clever tracking device will safeguard your briefcase, handbag, luggage, wallet or any other valuable you take along your daily commute or global excursions. As an added benefit, the wallet tag tracker can be used as a selfie remote, so you can capture timeless memories as they occur.

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