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Southern Country 2-In-1 Charcoal Water Smoker Grill

Southern Country 2-In-1 Charcoal Water Smoker Grill

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  • $ 7415

Interlocking base and body . 351 sq. in. of usable cooking surface . 2 chrome-plated cooking grids with handles for 2-level cooking . Stainless steel, 5.5 Qt. water pan . Heat-resistant wooden side and hood handles . Sliding access doors for checking and adding to the water and charcoal . Built-in temperature gauge . Flavor channels direct smoke for maximum food and flavoring as well as add structural strength to the smoker . Heavy-duty reinforced steel legs for extra strength and durability . Removable ash pan . Converts to charcoal Lock N' Go portable grill

Chimney-like design with a loose-fitting vented lid and tight-fitting doors creates a constant flow of new smoke for maximum flavor. Smoke flow may be minimized, without extinguishing the smoking source, by shutting all vents and only allowing smoke to vent around hood perimeter. Slow cooking feature allows for maximum flavor and moisture, perfecting a juicy and tender product with less effort.

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