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30-Watt Amorphous Folding Solar Kit

30-Watt Amorphous Folding Solar Kit

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Works with electric gate openers, electric fences, game feeders, exterior lighting, telemetry, automobiles, RV's, boats, tractors, and more . Built-in blocking diode protects against battery discharge at night . Made with a durable aluminum frame with an amorphous solar cell. Panels made with shatterproof tempered glass . Amorphous solar panels work in all daylight conditions - even on cloudy days . Portable and easy to store for added convenience . Kit includes: Two 15 watt amorphous solar panels hinged together, durable aluminum frame, brackets & screws for easy installation, battery clamps, weatherproof CLA Adapters and a 7 amp charge controller to protect your 12 Volt battery (ies) from overcharg . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Sunforce 30 Watt Folding Solar Kit is a lightweight portable solar panel kit for easy use of solar power anywhere. Ideal for remote locations, back-up power, RVs, boats, tractors, automobiles and more. The rugged aluminum frame conveniently folds in half for easy travel and storage. Supports are included for adjusting the panels to maximize sun exposure. Made with amorphous solar cells, the panels are completely weatherproof and work in all daylight conditions. Maintenance free and easy to install, the complete kit includes: two 15 watt hinged amorphous solar panels, brackets and screws, battery clamps, CLA adapter, and a 7 amp charge controller. The charge controller will prevent battery overcharge and discharge at night. The kit provides a maximum power of 30 watts / 2 amps.

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