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SunStat 120/240-Volt Programmable Floor Warming Control

SunStat 120/240-Volt Programmable Floor Warming Control

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  • $ 13900

Adjust the temperature of under-floor heating mats . Compatible with SunTouch electric floor warming system for ideal control . GFCI protection provides added safety . Program the controls for your heating preference and enjoy the economy set-back option . CLICK HERE to learn more about SunTouch and calculate what you will need for YOUR project!

This programmable push button thermostat is designed to control an electric floor heating system and can function as a master control for multiple relays. It has four preset schedules for easy setup, 5/1/1 day programming and is pre-programmed with common settings for quick start use. This SunStat Pro thermostat has SmartStart technology that learns your floors needs, has a usage monitor to show hours of system operation and will retain the programming indefinitely. It features a push button screen, built in GFCI, floor and air temperature modes, home automation remote control capability, a double insulated 15 ft. floor sensor wire, dual voltage 120/240 VAC and 15 amp capacity.

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