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4 in. x 75 ft. Vycor Pro Fully-Adhered Butyl Flashing (12-Rolls per Case)

4 in. x 75 ft. Vycor Pro Fully-Adhered Butyl Flashing (12-Rolls per Case)

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Superior adhesion to substrate: forms strong waterproof bond, protecting walls against mold, mildew and rot . Seals around fasteners: prevents water penetration to the substrate . Forms superior laps: ensures strong laps even at seams in flashing . Limits air leakage around windows and doors: optimizes energy performance . Forms a water and air tight seal with building materials . Wide application window for installation flexibility . 120 Days of exposure provides work scheduling flexibility . Compatible with rigid and flexible PVC window nailing flanges . 12-Rolls

Grace Vycor Pro is a non-asphaltic, butyl flashing that provides premium protection against water infiltration in critical details such as windows and doors. When installed properly, Vycor Pro flashing tape reduces the risk of mold and rots development and contributes to energy efficiency. The product's superior adhesive capabilities, its compatibility with flexible PVC window flanges and many other building materials, its extended exposure time and flexible application make Vycor PRO an ideal building solution for many jobsite conditions.

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