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FiberForce - Wireless Fiberglass/Cellulose Insulation Blower with Tall Removable Hopper

FiberForce - Wireless Fiberglass/Cellulose Insulation Blower with Tall Removable Hopper

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Reliable - this system includes: polyethylene construction, making the system lightweight, rust-free, and extremely durable. Intec's FiberForce has urethane seals that last 2-3x longer than belted rubber seals, the system also has stainless steel airlocks plates that are virtually indestructible . Capable - timely installs of R19 cellulose or fiberglass in a 1,500 sq. ft. attic in approximately 1 hour . Versatile - Intec's FiberForce slide gate enables blow behind netting and dense pack in addition to attics, the wireless remote enables operation without a cord to get in the way, simple two piece design that has built in handles and wheels as well as a removable hopper and hinged shelf for easy product loading . Production Rates of 42 bags/hour of cellulose or 13 bags/hour fiberglass . Comes with, (2) 50 ft. x 2.5 in. blowing hose, (2) female quick disconnect hose adapters, (1) male quick disconnect hose adapter, (3) 2.5 in. stainless steel hose clamps, (1) hose/remote holder, (1) 50 ft. power cord

Intec's FiberForce is the ultimate in portability, this polyethylene constructed unit is comprised of two pieces. The removable hopper has a hinged loading tray to simplify product loading while minimizing aisle and transportation space requirements. The base has numerous handles and 10 in. wheels allowing ease of mobility. In addition, the wireless remote - attached to the hose allows for operation from the attic without the requirement of taking a cord with you. The tall hopper increases the capacity and has a larger working platform.

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