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24-Hour Indoor Mechanical Lamp and Appliance Timer 3-Conductor - White

24-Hour Indoor Mechanical Lamp and Appliance Timer 3-Conductor - White

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Up to 24 on and off settings per day, programmable in 30 minute intervals, settings repeat daily . Controls fans, lamps, seasonal lighting, and other 3-prong household devices so you arrive to a safe and secure home . Instruction slot stores programming manual . Never-lose pins cannot be removed or lost . Ratings: 125-Volt, 60 Hz./15-Amp, 1875-Watt resistive/8-Amp, 1000-Watt tungsten/5 Amp ballast

The Mechanical 3-Conductor Timer turns indoor lighting on and off at set times. Programming can be set for multiple on/off events, which maximizes energy savings and controls electricity costs by only using power when it’s needed. This plug-in timer provides up to 24 on/off settings per day and the cycle repeats every 24 hours. Easy to set in 30 minute intervals with never-lose segment pins that can't be removed or lost. Use the manual override button to turn the timer on or outlet on, so you don't have to delete any preprogrammed settings. This timer has an instruction slot on the side, which stores the programming manual. Designed with a warm neutral color pallet to compliment today's home interior. The compact design fits snuggly in your outlet without blocking additional outlets. Ideal for lamps, fans, holiday lighting or other 3-conductor appliances. Would you like to come home to a lighted house at the end of the day? Switch on a fan at the same time every afternoon to cool a certain room? The Indoor Mechanical 3-Conductor Timer makes it easy; just plug a lamp, fan or other electrical appliance in, set the timer and walk away. This timer is compatible with compact fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs and CSA certified for quality assurance. The Woods brand of timers and home controls bring simplicity to your life, by maximizing convenience, security and energy savings.

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