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Motorized Portable Power Cord System

Motorized Portable Power Cord System

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1-touch cord retraction winds in the cord automatically with a touch of a button . 360? rotation allows RoboReel to be your central power hub . Durable motor eliminates dangerous and unreliable spring mechanisms found in other reels . Dual thermostats and circuit breaker help prevent overheating and shorts . Will not rewind while power is in use . No whipping action winds in fast and slows to docking speed to help prevent potential damage and injury . Motor retraction stops when obstructed to prevent damage . Lead-free cord

The RoboReel Power Cord System is the world's first power cord worthy of being called a power tool. This portable motor-driven power cord system delivers 50 ft. of 12 Gauge cord with a "smart" three outlet receptacle ball end. The cord retracts at the touch of a button on either the unit or the end of the cord. The RoboReel power cord system has much safety, convenience, and durability features such as thermostats that will shutoff power if overheated and sensors that turn off the power in the event the cord is cut.

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