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Assorted Roses (50 Stems) Includes Free Shipping - 2 Different Colors

Assorted Roses (50 Stems) Includes Free Shipping - 2 Different Colors

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50 Assorted roses : 2 bunches of 25 steams each: 2 different colors - no red color :1 rose per stem . Stems are 16 in. - 18 in. long : 32 - 40 petals per flower . Diameter when bloomed: 3.1 in. - 4.1 in., time to bloom: 48 - 72 hours . Vase life: 8 - 11 days, stage on arrival: fresh closed bloom . Great deal and value especially for valentine's day . Free shipping in the continental USA . Instructions for flower care : . Open box - cut 1/2 in. of the stem - put in water upon arrival, add flower food, change water and re-cut the stems on the third day . All of our flowers come with an absolutely fresh guarantee . Enjoy

50 roses. Two different colors. 25 of each Color. Colors could be Pink, White, Orange, Yellow, Cream, Lavender, Green or Bi-color. The greenhouse will choose the color. Flowers - Valentine's Roses are among the most popular and classical flowers throughout the year. They've been the traditional gift given on Valentine's Day since the dawn of time. The richness of the roses' colors will amaze everyone. And if you want a rainbow of colors, these roses are the perfect deal. The Flowers Valentine's Roses will have an assortment of colors and the gift that will stay in their minds for a long time. And sending a Valentine's Day Gift of Roses will show them your love and admiration for the receiver. Your Roses will arrive fresh and dazzling, as FedEx takes good care of them during the transit from our greenhouses to your doorstep where they can be enjoyed. Please note that this assortment DOES NOT contain RED roses but contains two different colors such as Pink, White, Cream, Yellow, Green, Hot Pink and many other colors of roses.

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