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8 ft. Quik-Lok Cord 3 Wire Cord

8 ft. Quik-Lok Cord 3 Wire Cord

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  • $ 1694

Offers quick field replacement of a damaged QUIK-LOK cord . Quick-attach collar fastens to your Milwaukee tool with a clockwise turn . 10 amp, 125 volt capacity . 18-gauge wire thickness . 8 ft. long

The QUIK-LOK 3-Wire Cord replacement is a fast and inexpensive way to prolong the use of your Milwaukee power tools. This 8 ft. power cord is fashioned with premium-grade Hi-Flex wire and features a quick-attach collar that easily fastens to a Milwaukee tool with the QUIK-LOK cord assembly. Turn the collar counterclockwise to remove a frayed or damaged cord and line up the pins on the tool housing with the receptacles on this replacement before tightening down with a clockwise turn of the collar.

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