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XBlue X3030 VoIP Telephone

XBlue X3030 VoIP Telephone

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(11) Programmable buttons of the X3030 phone means every user can place and retrieve calls from "Hold” for each outside phone line connected to the system . X3030 programmable buttons include multi-color LEDs, at a glance you can see who is on the phone and what phone lines are busy . X3030 call announces feature enables you to call another system user and page through their speakerphone, the called party can reply hands free . X3030 is a HD capable IP phone with a full duplex speakerphone and a backlit 6-line display to view caller ID, call logs and phone book . Each X3030 telephone comes with an Ethernet cable and a plug in power adapter, the X3030 is also PoE (Power over Ethernet) compatible

The X3030 phone fully integrates with X25 and X50 systems has the most commonly used features pre-programmed and ready for use. The 6-Line backlit display enables you to quickly see Caller ID, Call Logs and the Phone Book. Interactive LCD Soft-Keys" change function based on the current operation of the phone, making features immediately accessible without the need for dedicated buttons. The phone's (11) programmable buttons can be used for direct access to each outside phone line to easily answer/make calls and also to place and retrieve calls from "Hold" from any phone. The buttons can also be programmed for 1-touch calling to other phones, access to features and speed dial. The Multi-Color LEDs of each button light up when other phones or lines are busy, which means you can quickly see at a glance who is on the phone or which line is in use. The X3030 is HD capable for superior audio quality and includes a full duplex speakerphone for hands free conversation. A very popular feature of the X3030 is Call Announce Paging with Hands free Reply. This feature enables another system user to call you on intercom and speak to you through your speakerphone without you touching your phone. For additional hands free convenience a standard, 3rd party wired or wireless headset can be connected to the X3030. The headset can be turned on and off with a convenient headset button by lifting the handset or by activating the speakerphone. X3030 phones can be located off-site.

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