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Circlip Tool

Circlip Tool

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Usable everywhere for large circlips with nominal diameters of 400 - 1000 mm . Reliable opening and closing of the circlips and holding by self-locking precision spindle drive . For fitting and removing circlips in one operation . Circlips are securely held thanks to short, direct attachment . Replaceable tips with 6-mm and 9-mm diameters, for perfect adaption to the actuation ores in the circlips . Optional operation with hexagonal key, ratchet wrench or cordless screwdriver . Areas of application are wherever very high forces and torques are transmitted with large shafts and bearings , e.g. wind turbines, tidal power stations, generator construction, hydropower stations, large machine construction (rolling mills, presses), shipbuilding, aerospace . Tip material: chrome-vanadium electrical steel

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