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60W Equivalent Soft White A19 Dimmable LED Household Light Bulb (8-Pack)

60W Equivalent Soft White A19 Dimmable LED Household Light Bulb (8-Pack)

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Brightness: 800 Lumens . Estimated yearly energy cost: $1.14 (based on 3 hours/day, 11 cent/kWh, cost depend on rates and use) . Life: 22.8 years (based on 3 hours/day) . Light appearance: 2200K - 2700K (soft white) . Energy used: 9.5-Watt (equivalent to a 60-Watt standard incandescent light bulb) . Lumens per watt: 84.21 . Uses 80% less energy compared to a standard incandescent light bulb . More you dim, the warmer the light, dim down to a comfortable relaxing warm glow light using an innovative technology that provides soft, diffused levels of light and smooth dimming . Bulb starts at 2700K and dims down to 2200K creating a warm, inviting atmosphere . Ideal for residential use in kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms and for commercial use in restaurants and hospitality applications . Perfect for table lamps, or anywhere traditional light bulbs are used . Contains mercury: no

The Philips 60-Watt equivalent household A19 bulb allows you to experience smooth dimming from 2700K to 2200K. This bulb is ideal for household use in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. You'll have the flexibility to create the right lighting level and ambiance with smooth dimming all the way down to 10% of full light output.

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