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Rotary Rasp Cutter Assortment (10-Piece)

Rotary Rasp Cutter Assortment (10-Piece)

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(5) high speed steel cutters . (5) carbon steel rotary rasp/files . 1/8 in. shank . 10-piece set . For use with gyros, dremel, and other rotary tools

Our Rotary Rasp Assortment set is a woodworkers dream. They all have 1/8 in. shanks - the HSS Cutters are TiN coated for extended tool life. They are used for shaping, hollowing, and grooving, slotting, making tapered holes in soft metals, plastics and woods. The Rotary Rasps and Rotary Files are made of carbon steel. They are made exclusively for wood and other soft materials. All cutters have 1/8 in. shanks to fit Dremel and most other rotary tools. Set comes packaged in a handy compact container, perfect for tool box storage. Shapes included in this set: Cylindrical, 5/16 in. diameter (HSS, TiN coated), Flame, 1/4 in. diameter (HSS, TiN coated), Cone, 1/4 in. diameter (HSS, TiN coated), Ball, 3/16 in. diameter (HSS, TiN coated), Cylindrical, 7/32 in. diameter (HSS, TiN coated), Rotary File, Tree, 1/4 in. (carbon steel), Rotary File, Cylindrical, 1/4 in. (carbon steel), Rotary Rasp, Ball, 1/4 in. (carbon steel), Rotary Rasp, Tree, 5/16 in. (carbon steel), Rotary Rasp, Cylindrical, 5/16 in. (carbon steel).

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