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High Speed Cutter Set (10-Piece)

High Speed Cutter Set (10-Piece)

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High speed steel cutter set . Tin coated . 1/8 in. shank . 10-piece set . For use with gyros, dremel, and other rotary tools

Our 10-Piece High Speed Cutter set contains a complete assortment of many of the shapes you will need for most projects. They all have 1/8 in. shanks, and are TiN coated for extended tool life. They are used for shaping, hollowing, and grooving, slotting, making tapered holes in soft metals, plastics and woods. All cutters have 1/8 in. shanks to fit Dremel and most other rotary tools. Set comes packaged in a handy compact container, perfect for tool box storage. Shapes included in this set: Cylindrical, 1/8 in. diameter, Cylindrical, 5/16 in. diameter, Ball, 1/8 in. diameter, Ball, 5/16 in. diameter, Tapered Radius, 1/4 in. diameter, Oval, 1/4 in. diameter, Wheel, 3/8 in. diameter, Flame, 1/4 in. diameter, Inverted Taper, 1/4 in. diameter ,Cone, 1/4 in. diameter.

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