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2 oz. Bleach Pen

2 oz. Bleach Pen

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  • $ 299

The ultimate portable stain remover with a dual tip applicator for precision cleanup jobs and a scrub brush to rub out the stain . Handy precision stain fighter pen . Includes a narrow point for precise application and a broad tip for larger stains . Removes tough stains like mold and mildew, coffee, tea, berry juice and red wine . Works on whites and patterns . Dual-tipped applicator delivers bleach where you want it without splashing or over spraying . Combines the power of bleach with the control of a pen . Great for cleaning caulk and grout in kitchens and bathrooms

The Clorox Bleach Pen Gel is a handy bleach pen for cleaning in the home or on the go. The dual tip applicator has a fine point so that you can concentrate the bleach right where you need it and the broad scrubber allows you to rub out the stain. Carry it in your purse for bleaching whites with messy stains anywhere on the go. Great for cleaning mold and mildew from your kitchen and bathroom tile and grout and those hard to reach areas throughout your home.

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