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Mondo Grass 3 1/4 in. pots (54-Pack)

Mondo Grass 3 1/4 in. pots (54-Pack)

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Full sun to part shade . Plant in well drained garden soil . Classic choice for border planting around gardens and pathways . Also used as ground cover . Drought tolerant once established . Clumping growth habit

Mondo Grass, sometimes referred to as Monkey Grass, will get 10 in. - 12 in. tall and wide with slender green leaves which make for a low maintenance unique look in the landscape. Dwarf Mondo is often used for lining pathways and groundcover. It is considered evergreen in warmer climates, but will turn brown in cooler areas then come back out in spring. In both warm and cooler climates it is recommended to mow this grass down in early spring to clear out any dead foliage before new leaves begin to develop.

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