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Double Flowering Fragrant Cut Flower Rose-Lily Bulbs Blend (6-Pack)

Double Flowering Fragrant Cut Flower Rose-Lily Bulbs Blend (6-Pack)

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Can be grown successfully in pots and containers . Lightly scented, with larger than average flowers boasting 20 or more petals each . Before placing in vases, remove foliage from below the water line . Buds open progressively over a period of days . Trim stems at 45° angles and change water every two days to ensure long-lasting flowers . Prefer full sun and well-drained soil . Grows 32 in. to 40 in. tall . Plant 6 in. apart . Perennial in zones 3-8, dig bulbs and store indoors in colder areas . Growing instructions: plant lily bulbs as soon as possible after they are received, if this is not possible, store them in a refrigerator and keep them moist, lilies prefer full sun and well-drained soil, dig a hole 6 in. to 8 in. deep and place the bulbs about 6 in. apart, lilies look best when planted in clusters of 3 to 6 bulbs, water in well when planting, then water when the soil becomes dry at the top, remove spent flowers but do not remove the stalks or the leaves as they provide the necessary food for the bulbs to bloom the following year, foliage and stems may be removed after they have turned yellow

Add a touch of the tropics to your garden with the Bloomsz Double Flowering Fragrant Cut Flower Rose-Lily Bulb Blend. Five to six flowers with double and sometimes triple sets of ruffled petals bloom on each stem. Flowers up to 10 in. in diameter in elegant classic white with subtle pale green centers, rose pink with white tips and dark speckling and pink banded in red with darker red speckles are borne on strong stems. Excellent focal points in cut-flower arrangements and bouquets.

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