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Purple and Yellow Bulbs Blend (3-Pack)

Purple and Yellow Bulbs Blend (3-Pack)

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Long bloom time provides bursts of soft purple and sunny yellow color when most other species have faded away . Perfectly formed blossoms are excellent for use in cut-flower arrangements . Prefer full sun to light shade . Bloom time: mid-summer to fall . Grows 36 in. to 48 in. tall . Plant 12 in. to 36 in. apart . Perennial in zones 9-11, store indoors in colder areas . Growing instructions: because dahlias can range in height from a mere 7 in. to approximately 48 in., it is important to select their location in the garden carefully, low growing varieties look best close to the edge of a border with taller varieties progressing to the back, all dahlias should be planted after all danger of frost has passed, choose a sunny location that drains well, dig a hole about 12 in. deep and allow 12 in. to 36 in. of space between tubers depending on variety, amend the soil with peat moss or compost and place half of it back into the hole, lay the tubers out flat in the soil, replace the remaining amended soil, do not water until shoots appear, water deeply 2 to 3 times per week, for larger blooms, buds should be pinched back, on varieties where buds appear in clusters of 3, pinch off 2 of the buds leaving only the center bud to flower, pinching buds back will help to retain the size and shape of the plant, dahlias are winter hardy in zones 8-10

Every gardener longs for long-lasting, colorful blooms. Dahlias provide just that with flowers that bloom from the “dog days of summer” through the first light frosts of autumn. They make a cheerful addition to the garden and are excellent in cut flower arrangements. Use in borders, beds and cutting gardens, or grow in containers to add delightful color on patios and decks.

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